Tub Technology

Tub Technology

Tub Technology

For nearly 50 years, we have refined our tub technology, enhancing every step from harvest selection to pre-cleaning, dry cooling, and custom slicing. Our unique processes and fully enclosed packaging can provide 3 TIMES the industry average for shelf life.

Shelf Life…

Our Tub Technology offer 3 times the industry average shelf life.

In today’s market place fresh sliced mushrooms have offered a very short and unpredictable shelf life in open bulk cardboard packaging. Our nearly 50 years of research perfecting the processes of our tub technology from point of harvest to presentation on pizzas, salad bars, steakhouses, Asian concepts, and many more have allowed great strides to be made regarding product quality, extended shelf life, with minimal to no shrink. With proper cold chain management, our tub technology can offer comfortably, 3 TIMES THE

Food Safety Benefits…

Completely Enclosed Packaging

Our tub technology not only provides superior
temperature protection throughout distribution, it
also significantly reduces the presence of
particulates and foreign materials compared to bulk
cardboard packaging commonly used for sliced
mushrooms in today’s marketplace. Our mushrooms
are safeguarded by recyclable plastic tubs, which
are further enclosed in a cardboard box, enhancing
protection against contamination. With escalating
food safety concerns, this completely enclosed
packaging offers a superior solution. Market Fresh is
proud to have consistently achieved a Superior
Rating in third-party audits and direct customer
reviews, reaffirming our commitment to the highest
standards of food safety.

Taste and Nutrition…

Everyone Knows Fresh is Best


In today’s marketplace, the superiority of fresh
products, including mushrooms, over canned or
processed options is clear. Fresh mushrooms offer
significant nutritional benefits compared to their
canned and blanched counterparts, which often
contain excessively high sodium content and tend to
have a spongy texture that impacts quality. Extensive
research supporting these advantages is accessible
through the Mushroom Council at
www.mushroomcouncil.org. Moreover, in taste tests
conducted nationwide, fresh mushrooms consistently
outperform canned and blanched varieties,
highlighting their appeal to consumers seeking both
flavor and health benefits.


Fresh Sliced Offers a Cost Advantage Over Processed Varieties


When considering the costeffectiveness of using mushrooms in your dishes, it’s important to note that canned and blanched mushrooms
often contain a significant amount of water weight, which you essentially pay for without receiving the full benefit of the product. In contrast, fresh mushrooms are sold by their actual weight, ensuring you receive pure mushroom content without paying for excess water. Canned and blanched mushrooms also require more processing, further increasing costs. By switching to fresh mushrooms, you can enhance the quality of your dishes while minimizing shrinkage, offering your customers superior dishes while improving your bottom line.