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History of Market Fresh Farms

“Market Fresh Farms (MFF) began its journey in the fall of 2003 with a clear mission: to serve the wholesale food service market. Recognizing an underserved niche in the mushroom industry, we seized the opportunity to make a significant impact. Though a young company, our partners bring over a century of combined experience across every facet of the mushroom business. In addition to our services for the wholesale food service market, we further expanded our reach into the retail segment, bringing the freshest mushrooms directly to consumers.” 

In 2006, we proudly broke ground on a state-of-the-art processing, warehousing, and distribution facility. This facility has become the backbone of our operations and allowed us to expand our processing and retail technologies.

From the outset, we committed to building the finest transportation system in the industry, covering coast to coast. We believe that the finest product is only as good as its timely and pristine arrival. This commitment to quality transportation has been a cornerstone of our success. 

In 2007, we expanded our reach by partnering with many growers on the East Coast. This collaboration consolidates and distributes a wide array of seasonal East Coast fruits and vegetables, and sources diverse produce from South America during the winter, ensuring our customers have access to the best products year-round 

At Market Fresh Farms, we are immensely proud of our dedicated team and the exciting opportunities ahead. We remain steadfast in our commitment to exceeding customer expectations daily, continuously striving to set new standards in the industry. 

Join us as we look forward to a future filled with growth, innovation, and unparalleled service.